Introductory Blog Post

Hello there, and thanks for checking out my blog!

A little about me…

I started my career straight out of high school back in 2012 as a fashion designer for my vegan clothing line BroccoliandCrystals. At the time I had gone by my alias name Aura Lavender. I had the wonderful opportunity to do x amount of photoshoots and x amount of fashion shows over the course of 4 years. My last fashion show was for DenVhere Magazine in November 2015 where I collaborated with a colleague Holly Priestly. It was a pleasure to work with local Denver names in the industry such as Brandi of Fashion Denver, Georgez of DenVhere, the model Masha Piguchina, fashion designer and model Erin Featherson and Cool Livin photographer to name a few. I was also asked to showcase for Boston Fashion Week and Washington Fashion Week. It was a learning curve and a very creative experience.

However, I decided to leave the spotlight from burn out in April of 2016. Instead I pursued my career in Early Childhood Education as an administrator, Assistant Director and most recently as a Lead Preschool Teacher. Over the past 4 years in the educational field I’ve learned so much and grew on a personal level. I’ve also learned how to be a mother for my future children. I’ve earned my CDA (Associate Certification in Childcare Development), completed Pyramid Plus training and am currently working on my Director’s Certification with Front Range Community College.

The past three years, my boyfriend and I have been decluttering, remodeling and organizing our home. This is where I've figured out the #5stepstocalmliving to have a #pinterestworthy home and I would like to share this with you.

The purpose of this blog…

To teach the #5stepstoorganizing and the #5stepstocalmliving to have a #pinterestworthy home. Follow along on my #nestingjourney!

Plans for the future…

As we continue to remodel our home, I'm looking forward to offering printables, host organizing challenges, ecourses and webinars on everything I've learned to help you make your home #pinterestworthy too!

Goals for Calm Living Organizing and Design...

1. Teach readers how to begin their journey to a Pinterest perfect home. Trust me when I say, it IS possible! Whether you're a newbie at decluttering and organizing or read all the books know to mankind about the topic. Even the word impossible says, "I'm possible".

2. Provide seasonal decoration DIY ideas to readers such as wreath making, seasonal decorations, simple ways to change your home decorations to go from summer to fall, and so on.

3. Start a Facebook Group for like minded members to share their progress, ask questions and get ideas!

I hope you've enjoyed this introductory post. You can follow me on Instagram @calmlivingorganizinganddesign and like my Facebook Page here.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end. Till next time!

Karina Howell

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