Ready to end the overwhelm? Make your dream home a reality!


Karina Howell is the Founder of Calm Living Organizing and Design. After 3 years of decluttering, remodeling and decorating her home, she has figured out the #5stepstocalmliving to have a #pinterestworthy home! Although there is much work to be done yet, Karina finds joy in teaching others what she has learned on her #nestingjourney. 


Karina started her career as a Fashion Designer in 2012 for her vegan clothing line BroccoliandCrystals. She had written several blogs over the years and modeled since she was 16 years old. Since 2017 she has dedicated her days teaching children at a preschool as a Teacher, Administrator and Assistant Director. Karina currently studies at the Front Range Community College. 


She loves to share her passion for teaching whether it’s teaching children or blogging about what she has learned on how to beautify your home. 


Join Karina Howell on her #nestingjourney and learn how to make your home #pinterestworthy through the #5stepstocalmliving. It won’t be easy at first, but it will become easier as you work through the 5 steps with a little bit of effort, perseverance, inspiration and elbow grease. You deserve to start living in your dream home, and ALL of your hardwork will be worth the effort!


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